And we bit adieu to 2011…

And we bit adieu to 2011…

Though it’s only a little after noon here, I did my best to start the ‘see ya, thanks a lot!’ sentiment last night. Headed over to hang with Betty & Sean and friends – promises of smoked butt and firepit time were made good.
I decided to risk a motopickle run, both for my own enjoyment and for the sake of MickeyMatt’s vicariousnessity (sp?) –

yes, much fun can be had as long as the weather co-operates!

did I mention nighttime croquette?

Sean is a master of English yard games! see how things glow? it was awesome.
Did I mention Boo and I got a home improvement project taken care of?? Well, we did!

And so we get ready to round out the year with friends, friends with family, friends with baby, and more friends.
oh – of course – Blue –

Here’s to having a great New Year, and to having friends and family who love you and whom you love.

See ya next year.