How I love movies…

How I love movies…

Truly do love the joy of a movie  theater – such total immersion if you go on the right night!
However, Netflix makes things so much ‘drop of a hat’ (or more likely ‘huh, 2 hour nap has me up at midnight, what shall I watch?’) – and with sites like StreamingSoon – which also has a list of ‘expiring soon’ movies – I find jems like this:
The Eiger Sanction (1975) – Clint Eastwood plays retired assassin, now art professor, recalled for one last mission by C2! Will he sleep with his art student? (no) Will he have multiple meetings with an ex-nazi Albino in charge of performing ‘sanctions’ on rouge agents? (yes) Will he run around Monument Valley in Arizona as a film crew takes in the beautiful vistas that immediately make me (and you) want to pack an overnight bag, steal a ’67 Ford Bronco, hightail it West to be amazed by how alien-like the desert SouthWest is, while thinking “hey, Blood needs to see this film ’cause it’s got great scenery!’. (yes) Will  he enjoy the company of few multi-racial free-love feeling ladies (it is the 70s after all) (why yes, yes he will…)

Ah, now I see why I’m not the featured reviewer of cinema for the Durham Times!!

I also caught Senna – “A documentary on Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who won the F1 world championship three times before his death at age 34.”
Senna, who challenged fellow driver Alain Prost for the early 90s ‘best driver in the world’ label. The movie shows the drama from behind the scenes – fairly contentious period for the whole F1 circus. It is one of those ‘I really liked it, but it made me sad’ kind of movies.

Ok – off to get some stuffing for dinner tonight.
Hope this finds you filled with joy and peace, with friends and family, reflecting on the good things…

Also, can you believe they let me hold Izzy?