Hello. How are you?

Hello. How are you?

Oh the choices of things to write about!
Do I start with the fun Boo and I had last night over at Durham’s Museum of Life and Science, where we enjoyed a fairly brisk ride on the Santa Train??

Or do I lead with the fun Morgan & Beth & Boo & I had running to Raleigh (!!) last Sunday as the 2011 installation of The MuseCrew, visiting “The Story of North Carolina” at the Museum of Natural History, where I got to see a Buggymobile, along with getting a much better understanding of the state I call home (5 years in, now!)?

How about our fun evening of holiday crafting over at Raymond & Christopher’s?

Family dinner night over at Viv & Rachel’s?

Kinda gets us back to  Thanksgiving (really? wow) where great food and good people met and enjoyed over at R&Cs… or how Boo and I made it out to the Eno River State Park, as opposed to the City park we’ve been to a number of times. Ah, fall …

Of course, I could on a rant about what’s going on in the world – NPR is both a blessing and a curse that way. But I think I need to figure out how to balance that – cause do you really want to come and visit my blog and see how shitty things are turning out for deceased soldiers making a visit to Dover? Or how a leader of a US agency should not really impose their personal feelings on the certification of drugs as given by another entire agency? yeah, figured so…

Well, I hope to be tickling the keyboard a bit more frequently in the coming weeks & months, so I’m sure I’ll figure out the ‘give to the universe/bitch about the universe ratio’ sooner or later.

Hope things in your neck of the woods are going well.