9:04pm, september 11th, 2011

9:04pm, september 11th, 2011

ah, fate – you crafty devil … just got back from sharing some Patriot Day Brownies with morgan (thanks for the icing!)… boo and I discussing what the actions of September 11th were really all about – she had mentioned that a guy had posted on line that his day of celebration was going to be doing the things the terrorists wanted to take away – so he was going to do some ‘net stuff, eat some, watch a ball game. that’s a concept I have issues with – and spoke at length with Boo about it.

On NPR they play Amazing Grace from the end of the Concert for Hope in D.C. Then the WUNC dude plays a Peter Ostroshko tune

Blood and Mom, July 2004, MWP in Utica, NY. Peter Ostroushko performance

and I think of ma, blood, shari and dave and an incredibly travel weary scott catching him perform at munson williams proctor art todo … his songs are hearty, heartful, of soul and soil. mandolin resonating the dreams that hard work and toil will get a people to.

We continue to work and toil. Our leaders presume we are afraid, and treat us that way. The cartoons over at Cartoonists Remember hit the nail on the head that we exist in a chaotic state of strength and fear, hope and sadness. One runs down the list of crap that has become the status quo in the US – attacking the wrong country, removing American’s freedoms, while molesting children and elderly at our airports – way to not show the strength that our country should stand for.
But we toil and work, continue the dance that we’ve danced for hundreds of years, through thick and thin, if only I believed we knew where we were going. At least there will be lovely music to listen to, as we think of our family and loved ones.

Be good to each other – we deserve it.
from your newly wordy friend, Scott.

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  1. wow, this really caught me off guard…I'm sure we'd all be amazed at the incredible photos hidden away in other people's archives if we could take a peek! thanks for taking me back, in a most wonderful way…xoxo -cw


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