So, how was the beach scott?

So, how was the beach scott?

Ah the beach … it was nice to get away and be completely chillin for a week.
Not that the beach was the coolest place on earth – but the ocean was always refreshing!
We got to chill with Betty and Sean, got to know Kyle and Jessie better, and met Ferrell & Max & Ruby – yay!

Toes in the sand!

(as I sit and push and select pics for my picasa album… a song that crashed my a few months back. plucks strings attached to my soul through my heart … from my ears?? Marc Cogman – Chiarscoro… pulls and pushes, up and down through my un-named feelings and fears. so damn beautiful, so damn scary)

so, this is a few weeks old, but a decent entry to recalling our escape to the outerbanks. First time out there, and I can see why people get excited by it (looking at you Leigh-Ann and Amy!)

As mentioned above we went as a group and had a great time.
We stayed here:

Ok, maybe not here…
How about this one?
yeah, not here either.
This is a shot from the house where we stayed…
Where the pups splashed in the pond

and friends hungout

where delicious treats were made!

and tasty meals were enjoyed

we took ferry rides (and smooched)

and we took golf cart rides with our hats

where we were friendly and perl-jam-alicious!

where kite photography was as easy as it seems…

where the quadrupeds were hopeful

and scott got lucky

where we stopped at a scary place

on our way to our happy place

where our puppy was happy to see us!!
 Suspect that if you click through these pics will take you to a very large collection of pics from scott on the vacation road (200 or so) – you’ve been warned!!
It was good, we had a great time, and I look forward to our next visit to the sea!
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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”