hot hot heat… or, summertime

hot hot heat… or, summertime

as things wrap up – ciao, Space Shuttle; ciao the answer {42} …
but … Timbuk2 is having a sale!! 50% off!! (or, about what you should probably spend!)
and, it’s on the bag I have and love – the Q.
If you’re rocking out a 13″ or smaller lappy toppy, you just may want to take a look.

Things I love about it – it’s smaller than most laptop bags. Being small, I have to focus on the crap i need versus the over packing of my life (I blame my boy scout years!)
It is a backpack, so I’m not embarrassed to throw it over a shoulder or two… versus the fine messenger bags I have which make me feel … less comfortable.
It has a neat compartment for the power brick – so you know it’s there, even if you use it once a month or so.
Pretty sure I paid roughly the same amount – ~$60 – and if your gear load is right for it, I think you’ll love it.
Scott tested, Scott approved!!

and you? anything you have and love and need to tell the world?
do hope you’re staying cool…
hope you’re enjoying the good things in life.


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