Kinda perfect email regarding local music scene…

Kinda perfect email regarding local music scene…

As I sit here with the front door open, listening to the voice-mail my sis left of the Avett Brothers rocking out at the Comcrap Arena @ Everett ice rink, I browse my email.
Here’s the post from a Chapel Hill club – maybe we should all go?!!!!

TOPIC: Tonight! Beach-A-Rama Rama / Goth Industrial Dance Night / Trivia / Shit Horse!
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Date: Fri, Jul 15 2011 4:08 pm
From: (Nightlight Booking)

A staycation for these economic times or just another Friday night? Who cares? Come on down for a Beach Party at the Nightlight this Friday!!! Corona and Margarita specials will change yer latitude! A private tiki
lounge will change yer attitude! Beach sounds! Beach music! Swimmin’ to follow! This is what you need! And it’s all FREE! Come on down!

Plus, Saturday’s Goth Industrial Night is a benefit for people arrested at recent anti-gentrification protest at Greenbridge.

EKOT (crumbling acid-leached concrete from P. Maier – NC debut!)
YOHIMBE (skin-clawing gothic folk)

followed by goth/industrial/EBM/synth pop DANCE PARTY with dark queens DJ Lmgrovllum and DJ Furina

Lastly, we have just added SHIT HORSE to next Wednesday’s show with John Wesley Coleman and Rayon beach! $6 gets you in at 9 pm..

Dont’ miss it!!


Nightlight Bar & Club  405 1/2 W. Rosemary St.  Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 960.6101

… or maybe not.

Hope your weekend is going well…


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