10 til midnight, midweek, mid July…

10 til midnight, midweek, mid July…

so, things in the googleverse have been all a changing lately – as i type this in at the Blogger webpage – things are different!
Google+ seems to be a hit with the kids.
I’m a tad concerned with the G+ and Picasa interactions – I think pics should be allowed to be held close…

Things here in the hot hot south are… hot. but speaking with blood today – we could be out in the Pacific Northwest. Being happy where you are – it’s a damn fine life skill to work on.

Wish i had lots and lots of fabulo-mundo things to report – really just chipping along. There are LOTS of things I need to be writing about – Yay Nevada for allowing autonomous road vehicles!!! Congrats Matt and Jo-Anne and peeps for the successful boilermaker weekend.

But nothing really outstanding. Perhaps a picture?

Of course it’s a pic of blue!!
be good to yourselves and your loved ones – if not you, then who?