10:43 on a wednesday night…

10:43 on a wednesday night…

I’d love to say the cool evening breeze was wafting in through the newly installed front storm door screen. Sadly, the breeze that’s wafting is a bit warm, with hints of humidity!!

Oh well … as I sit here safe in the knowledge that my water and garbage, either electric or gas, and the phone/’net are paid for, I can think back over the last few days and report.

Like how a very nice lady yesterday morning kept me from getting to work on time. At Club and Roxboro she kindly hollered at me “you know you have a flat tire?” to which I replied “no, no I didn’t”. She was right, so I put a dollar worth of quarters in the air machine, pumped up the passenger rear tire, and headed up to the tire place where Ramona’s been taken care of before. Like the tune up after she started hiccuping pretty badly. Or the inspections north Carolina deems are important to have. The waiting room was overflowing, the clouds were threatening, and I said “hey, got a flat. can you fix it?” “sure, but it’ll take a while…”

Actually, it takes .28 of an hour for a trained tech to pull the tire, pull the screw out of said tire, then plug and refill the tire. Probably would take all of .01 of an hour to ring my cell and tell me they were done. ugh…

Gladly though I paid my 12 bucks and got Ramona home just as the clouds burst – again!

During my work at home time I watched the storms blow thru our sleepy burg, with a blast of wind, then torrents of rain, the the glaring sunshine – blazing down upon the wet asphalt, making it steamy outside. Ah, springtime.

We were over at Morgan & Beth’s the night before, I think, for a satisfying burning event – I do believe the holiday tree of 2010 finally met it’s maker that night – all crackle and blaze, filling the air with the scent of pine, the wonderful flames licking higher and higher into the night air, the branches overhead thrown hither and yon from the heat rising up into the starry night sky.

boo & I both got shiny new cell phones yesterday, thanks to me almost crawling through the cellular airwaves and braining Sprint Customer Diservice Specialist number 133234421 … also known as Jay, the 6th Sprint CDS I spoke to last Thursday. Got to say, having actual quality hardware is really really nice. touchscreen that works when you touch it. no ghost ringing even when the cell reception dips to nada at the work locale. shifty moving wallpaper – god, it’s the 21st century after all!!

Boo is rollin’ with the Samsung epic 4G, and I got the EVO Shift 4G. Odd how rewarding it is to have quality tools. Guess I’ve put up with less than stellar hardware for a while – the rugged guy, followed by a very nice HTC touch, which I ebayed, then got a fresh replacement for (yay), then the attempts to make the HTC an android and not a windows mobile phone, finally last October a nice shiny android phone. February, the promise of upgrade and more happiness instead gave me 8 weeks of fairly hellish treatment by Sprint, and a buggy phone. let’s put those issues behind us and stare at the cool moving wallpaper – groovy!

Tornadoes, rain, wind, springtime – watching Top Gear on Netflix while nibbling papa john’s pizza and downing a very tasty rum & coke. poking about on the net trying to make the dropbox thing work better, watching a TED talk, looking at my pics, and sorting through the sad mountains of duplicates on my various external hard drives.

How’s your week going?

here’s a pic of blue guarding my toes from the inclement weather!


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