10pm it is, then …

10pm it is, then …

a Thursday night, post nibbles and shopping with amigos. Boo might even have a case for her nook that she likes – skullies if I recall correctly.

How’s your life been going?
Mine, as typical, is filled with great things I need to write about and share with all my friends – things like hail during our first thunderstorm of spring (just last night), or our fun and happy glamping trip this past weekend (Friday to Monday – very very nice indeed), or the flowers all a blooming in and around our world here in the Triangle. did you hear blood got herself some new hens? Lucky chicks in deed! Or that Shari’s off to visit a good friend three states away – go shari go!

I could go on and on about how LastPass is a great addition to our internet enabled life, allowing you to safely store your logins and passwords in a browser extension, thus saving you the challenge of trying to have both hard to guess but easy to remember passwords for the websites you like to go to. How about android phones? still really digging mine, even if Sprint had me at wits end for a few hours last week.

Want to hear about Boo and how she loves her job even still? how they bought her a fancy-schmancy trackball for her work laptop? Or how she failed to learn from our early spring beach trip ’09, and toasted herself pretty badly during our glamping trip?

How about this cool fact – on march 23, 2009 boo didn’t have this –
what she'll see most of the time

so, yeah – I need to get some words down toot sweet – but it’s gonna take me a minute or 7.

check back soon.


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