really really hot cookie sheet – 1, scott’s oh so tender left hand webbing – 0

really really hot cookie sheet – 1, scott’s oh so tender left hand webbing – 0

In an attempt to capitalize on the enjoyment found in the typical colonial village kitchen, scott commenced with a 2nd round of oatmeal choco chip cookies (from a mix – don’t be too impressed) this evening, what with the few remaining examples from last nights successful cookie cooking having been enjoyed by boo and/or set aside for Beth.

When I attempted to remove the first batch from the oven, I was shocked – SHOCKED I tell you! – to have the piercing pain of a thousand suns concentrate on the tender underbelly of my left hand, right in the junction of my thumb and pointy finger – right where there was a tear in the oven mitt I had on to remove the GBD’d (golden brown and delicious) circles of choco/oatmeal goodness … hell, I even lost two cookies damn it!!!! I thought I only hurt myself when I worked with Declan on theater shit.

now back to your typical Wednesday night blog post…


So I often gather a number of web sites that I note that I should go and read – today I read this one on a study of “… how individuals use a relationship to accumulate knowledge and experiences, a process called “self-expansion.”

I like the idea – how instead of a marriage of socio-economic imperative, things are less concrete than they have been.

Have been pondering a review/report on the stuff I’m using in my life that helps – things like my laptop, or my Timbuk2 lappytoppy backpack, or my love of my android phone

(now with Android 2.2!!! woot!) – which takes me down the path of the apps I’ve grabbed that make things good/better. Can’t tell if I’m just mimicing what I read on the web, or if I’m trying to make sense of my oh so complicated life, or if I sense it’s a good thing to do – what people like, and the reasons they like the things they like are an easy way to get to a decision point quickly.

Perhaps I’ll ???

Well, I do hope you are enjoying your life with all your heart – there’s happiness to be found out there – or even to be made. Say, at a starbucks, while looking at the near by creek flow merrily along…


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”