has it really been 4 years?

has it really been 4 years?

with the ‘tink’ of a tap room no. 21 lager against boo & morgan’s wine cups we paused from our steak dinner for the attention to be focused on ME! Four years I’ve been a happy durhamite – wow.

From rolling in late on the 4th – thanks matt! –
happy new durhamite!!!

To seeing the house Boo & I purchased up close for the first time –

and so much more over these 48 months.
Working for IBM
riding Matt’s PC over Deals gap.
Matt getting married – woot!!
making great new friends, weekends at the beach, having friends come and visit, and come and stay.
The ups and downs of east coast travel, from Boca to Annadale, from Orlando to Wilkes-Barre, from Wilmington to Albany, from Maryville to Upstate New York, with visits to NYC, DC & an IKEA in Charlotte!
glamping with amigas, camping with in-laws, strolling about art parks and animal sanctuaries in New York, picking up family and friends at RDU, flying out of RDU to both good and bad times.
Heroic efforts to keep me safe and sane, with much success and a few failures.
A doctor (or two), a dentist, a freshly trained hair-stylist, an insurance agent or two, meeting strangers by accident, postering and watching bands play, picking up after the wok peeps, shoveling snow and throwing snowballs, walking the paths in parks, the blocks of our neighborhoods, visits to zoos and science centers, too many new furry friends to name, catching U2 live, having my broken heart healed by the voices of Durham angels and kings, finding a bit of stability with being a home owner and state employee, wishing I had a landlord to call too many times. feeling at home, with my happiness boosted by the love that pours over me every single day. I’m a lucky bastard alright.

Hey – have you seen a pic of blue this year??


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”