Tuesday – lunch hour

Tuesday – lunch hour

‘your blog’s been quiet’ – wow – must keep the readers happy!!
so, here’s a picture to start with.

Let’s see – to recap, going backwards.
Monday – Boo’s not feeling great, so I got her crackers and ginger ale to make her feel better. Apparently, the old school Nyquil worked.
Sunday – hung out with Morgan & Beth and the pups – cause they’re awesome and deserve hanging out with Blue. and boo and I.
Saturday – spent time keeping the Gus & Emma out of trouble, which Blue was very helpful with. Boo made delicious black bean soup! and hot cider – yum!!

Friday – made it out to Motorco for the Troika festival, catching Betty and Sean with their band North Elementary. Great show, great place, and great people – always happy to be out in the mix. Also, Only Burger truck. Yum!!
Thursday – um …
Wednesday – Blood headed off to the Pac North West, having been thoroughly fed, what with brunch at Mad Hatters, lunch at Nosh with Boo, and then … er, Parker and Otis and Fosters before RDU. Hope she enjoyed the trek.
Tuesday – Carrie and Nathan weren’t up for dinner with Blood, what with ickyness going around (hope they’re feeling better!), so we ended up at Tobacco Road – damn good food, damn lot of TVs.
Monday – Blood off to see Wendy, typical fun day in the life of scott.
Sunday – Blood hanging out with us to celebrate Boo’s birfday – pumpkins carved, cupcakes set on fire, wood set on fire, dogs being too cute, beer being enjoyed, all sorts of goodness!

Saturday – leisurley day trip to DC to just enjoy the sites… no. wait. that’s wrong. Way way lots of fun on adventure with Blood and Morgan and Boo and I. Went to the Rally. Parked at Crystal City. Drove around Alexandria. Caught up with Karl and Holly (yay!!). Museumed for 30 minutes. Walked the streets of DC with other reasonable and sane peeps. Ended up having a fantastic dinner (thanks Karl & Holly. really – you two rock.)

Got out of town with only a minor loop of downtown DC (which ain’t too shabby at night) and made it back to hobbit house with all our toes and fingers!! yay!

Friday – pick up the house to make it hobbitable (ha ha ha) for Blood’s arrival – woot!
Thursday – Me First & the Gimme Gimmes – totally awesome, got Brendan and Nathan and Carrie to make it to Carrboro/Chapel Hill, and all was great as a beginning to Boo’s birfday weekend extraordinaire!!!

so – how’s that for a short recap? I may have a few more pics to push in the near future.

oh – what about a cute pic of blue?


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