A bottle of blues…

A bottle of blues…

from Mutations, by Beck, plays as I watch the greyness of a cool fall rain cross the windowscape of my office. I have to say I’m kinda very happy about the cool and the rain – note the fact it was 98 degrees this past Saturday – the first weekend of fall here in north america. whoa!

Had the very fun time of catching the Muppet Movie on the big screen as part of the Carolina Theater’s Escapism Festival. Ah Muppets – who doesn’t love them?

Choose the Muppets over the final class of photography – which was to be outdoors with a model(!) – but somehow we weren’t too impressed with Mike’s continuing inability to use the overhead projector to teach us things on the computer, and finally – the Muppets!!! wacka wacka wacka!

Boo’s been a blogging fool (yay!) I hope you’ll go read her good stuff – Protodoom is the name of her blog site.

So yeah, fall is hurtling down upon us like a god of dark coolness, setting out to fill in the lakes that are too dry, and return a measure of comfort to the too warm and humid fall. Leaves will change overnight, crickets will bounce around in glee, and there will be … MUD!!! oh yes there will be. Count on it!

October is right around the corner – the 4th quarter of 2010 – a month filled with good and bad memories, but mostly good hopes. We’ll start the month properly with a trip to a KOA near Asheville – woot! then it’ll be a few weeks until Boo celebrates a birthday, and I just found out last night about the Rally to Restore Sanity – that might become a thing to do in celebration of Boo’s bday – we’ll have to see.

I have a good number of pics I need to push – this past week was a bit of the walking zombie scott; so perhaps tonight I’ll curl up with blue on the sofa in front of the front window, feel the cool breeze over my shoulder as I push the ‘just right’ pics of blue in the morning to the web – cause, hey – she’s cute, damnit!


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