A sunny morning but the tunes have stopped…

A sunny morning but the tunes have stopped…

so sad. Normally I’m all about being UP and AT ‘EM!!! er, ok – normally I love rolling out of bed at 10:30 or so, but have been seeing more of 6:30 than 10:30 recently. All good, really – it’s quiet, cool and I can get the coffee going do some dishes, and if I’m feeling extra focused, blog!

So this morning the day begins, I rinse the coffee pot, and notice the radio in the kitchen is not playing the soothing tunes of Tortured Satana or My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – see, it’s spinning Boo’s iPod full of goodness. Or I should say it has been spinning for the past 3 weeks or so? Something crazy and cool and certainly more entertaining than the local rock station I tune in to.

Not so today. Ein iHome es Kaput, as a German wouldn’t say. Hmmm… so I disconnected the power, gonna let everything cool down a bit (hasn’t been exceptionally hot these last few days) and I’ll see what is what. Guess I’ll just have to hum a tune to keep me smilin’.

Ran into the twin not-so-much joys of a) having my archival DVD of pics from Shenandoah decide it didn’t want to be read in my laptop’s dvd drive, and then b) said Shenandoah albums up on PicasaWeb seem not to have been saved to my laptop. Hmmm… Luckily my work dvd drive was able to rescue the two folders from the DVD, and the pics ARE up on the web, just not in an album on my laptop. Very odd indeed.

How about … a picture of … oh, hell – let it be a surprise, ok??

my girl as red? told you it would be a surprise!

well, just something short before I roll … what’s that? how’s blue?

still damn cute!


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