Saturday morning, all seems well in my world…

Saturday morning, all seems well in my world…

My work week was a little odd – I was out monday for travel from Upstate, then friday was the beginning of the holiday weekend – so it was just a little extra quiet at the office. Morgan had to go play vampire so we carpooled in – ‘is it alway this quiet on a friday?’ she asked. ‘yeah – a little extra quiet, but it’s like this a lot’ I replied. ‘I may have to change my ‘work from home’ day so I can come in on fridays’ she said as we bailed from the oh too quiet hallways of 100 renee lynne court. To EVOs to celebrate (that she forgot to eat lunch!)

Seems fall is heading our way, and Earl, though impressive, didn’t make too much of an impact on our atlantic shores. Yay!

Morgan noted some changing leaves along the roadside, and I said ‘I trust you’ – but I do recall some leaves being blown about in upstate and I wondered then ‘is it fall already?’ – I don’t count the change of the season until I’m reviewing pics of the outside months later – I can then say ‘Look – winter!’ cause there’s snow in the photo.

Photo class on thursday (again, Morgan was there – is this my Morgan post?) was kinda fab – Mike is entertaining as always, and even managed to use the projector, a computer and his natural talent to help us understand how to shoot the moon. It involves a 400 millimeter lense, except if you’re not using HIS camera, then it’s different.
We went outside to shoot different EVs at the sunset – I took a time lapse instead. Then I noticed this:

I believe I said something very professional and photography like … maybe it was “oh… sooooo pretty!” – and the class turned and started snapping shots of the rainbow. I felt bad for distracting them from the sunset, which was kinda awesome – see?

C’est la vie, right?

Well, off to enjoy whatever the weekend has to offer – shandy’s I’m sure!
have you seen a picture of my cute dog? Have you seen a picture of my cute dog with a biscuit on her nose????


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