Elvis has left the building…

Elvis has left the building…

All hail the King!! Hope he is resting peacefully … think I’ll just keep playing Elvis tunes all day long.

Monday – I start the day with the final part of my ‘Scott needs to go to the dentist’ action adventure. A slightly painful (you know, where the tooth which is missing parts of its ‘outside’) experience that didn’t last long, but still – ouch. sad face.
A bit of the sting and stress was minimized by Marilyn’s 60th birthday balloons and office festivity at the dentist’s office. Happy Birthday Dale (it’s what she told me to say…).

Make great time on the way to work – such good time that I really didn’t need to reschedule my 9 a.m. call – but since I had, I had some time to uninstall old MS Office suites, and install the NEW office 2010 suite! Just in time for the power to flicker oh so briefly, but not so quickly as to not reset EVERY single office machine on our floor – not too nice.

Enjoyed a coffee with my ‘new’ tooth and didn’t have problems – very nice. Having the fabulous Rachel bring in M&M cookies for the office- wow – perhaps I should make it to the office early on Mondays from now on!!

and now we’re at the mid mid-afternoon point. Do kinda like the office suite updates – though I like the big round button from ’07 better; Apparently OneNote is even cooler – yay!!

Weekend was enjoyable – Saturday was pretty mellow with a dinner outing with Morgan and Beth to Thai Cafe – got to sit out under the sky, and the temp/humidity/bit of moon/pretty sunset was all quite enjoyable. Then off to the Carrie & Nate to enjoy some more drinkies and more nibblies and then some singies!! (is that a word?) – most definitely wonderful amusement for all involved. Have I said “thanks for all the really fun great awesome times Carrie & Nate!!” lately? I really should say it everyday.

Sunday was all about Boo’s Great Plan – let’s go and have a look at a rec area where they rent kayaks, canoes and cabins!! off we went with M&B, to a place north of Roxboro, but south of Virginia (I think!)
Put up some pics like this one:

Once again much fun was had – much silliness committed, and we all survived the shenanigans that may or may not have happened. What is known and admitted to is that I did NOT drive Ramona into a ditch. That did NOT happen AT ALL … thank goodness for ice cream!

How about a cute pic of Blue from ‘back in the day’?

Hope your week is starting wonderfully.