Coffee and toast, toast and coffee…

Coffee and toast, toast and coffee…

I’m kinda digging getting up at a decent time – not that I’m productive (blogging discounted) but at least I have time to ‘wake up’ – or maybe, time to get up to speed.
I’ve been futzing with my photos (imagine that) and with Picassa. I think I’ve got a decent handle on the path to using that program/web site – amazing what one can do with a tool once one reads the manual. Or at least google’s the ‘net to find an answer to a perplexing question. And it’s times like this that I ponder – what the hell did my parents do when they had a perplexing question? Friends? The library? The Donahue show? Hmmm…
In other tech related news, I pushed the recent release of Android onto my previously Windows Mobile cell phone – – it’s like a new toy on Christmas morning – now I understand Boo’s fascination the other month!
Also trying to use Gmail to it’s fullest – seems powerful (especially combined with Android’s built in google-goodness), not sure I’m on board with the lack of folders, but I’ll give it a try for a while.
Getting ready for a visit to the northlands in a few weeks – go Jo-Anne and Matt! – think it’s gonna be not long enough, but still fabulous to see mi amigo pursue happiness with such a wonderful girl. re-enforces my belief in the universe.
Have I pointed out how cute blue is lately? Let me take a moment –

yeah – that’s my dog. she seems comfortable at least.
August – can you believe it? i can’t – oh well, at least it’s being used to our advantage – how about some flowers that Boo and Morgan planted at Hobbit House?

just like the day I hope you just had/just about to have…


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