oh the distractions …

oh the distractions …

and the power of the web.
such as this – A picture of ‘The Hole’
it’s just a a picture. of a place. that might not exist. But lo and behold – a picture. Thus it DOES exist.

Where I worked in Germany, there was a plan to make things better, newer – faster than before. Money was spent and ‘the hole’ was dug and worked on. I’m sure I knew people who had visited it, but all I recall was an article in der Spiegel that caused my co-workers a bit of anxiety – at least we knew a few who could read german!

That faint memory – an artcile in a 1988/89 issue of Der Spiegel, in german, causing concern. About a new work location called ‘the hole’.

Push the right buttons on the keyboard, be accidentally in the right search engine on the web, and you find stuff. Cool stuff – today included a read from Gizmodo –  Flying a Blackbird  (and wow – by a fellow who writes as “pete wallace” … hmmmm….) – about the airplane that made me want to be in the Air Force to begin with. Totally awesome. So I thought I’d search my memory, find some facts about what I think I recall.


well, I hope I’m not as mysterious as I have been in the past with these past two posts. It’s been good to share, but such a challenge to overcome my instinct to say nothing. Wish I could attribute my desire to open up to something – how about the 10 lbs. of pollen per cubic foot of air we’re enjoying this week here in sunny and green North Carolina? Yeah, that’s it. That and the impending 2012 concerns (or is it the LHC that I should be worried about? hmmm….)