Bruce & Elvis … singing Sam & Dave…

Bruce & Elvis … singing Sam & Dave…

Elvis Costello had a great show called ‘Spectacle … with Elvis Costello’, and they wrapped the series with a 2 part Elvis and Bruce show … it’s amazing to hear such down to earth ‘this is what it was’ from essentially Titans. Of course, it’s not in this instance, and nor is it ever, a mysterious secret revealed – ‘music, people take it personally'(kinda like ‘eat your veggies and exercise’ – really wish it was at least once ‘steal the magical beans from the giant, and don’t get caught by the three-headed dog’ sigh)

Somewhat related is this:

Don’t worry, be happy.
Carrie’s suggestion to me, just as a way to get on the path …
it was a lovely 19 mile walk through the rain with her! Uphill!! Both ways!!!

From Spring Livin'

ok, maybe more like 9’sh miles… still a lot of fun!

Music. makes living better.
Friends – make living better.
F1 racing – well, we can live without it, but would we want to? ;-|
A group of grown men, huddled around a laptop, propped up on the ledge of a restaurant’s window on Franklin Street, chapel hill, across from a church, who’s congregation also started gathering … testament to faith, and belief, and hope. Sadly, only my group got wet when it sprinkled on us – thankfully, the universe works in fairly established ways, and Nick the ex-pat Brit pulled two golf ‘brellies from the trunk of his Jaguar. All was right with the world, though sadly at the end of the race we hadn’t yet figured out health care. Or taxes/finance reform. Or public education reform. We did get ‘liz’s contact info so she can show up for us without us bothering Steve’s replacement. Sigh.

and time it changes … our clocks get changed. but some things don’t. Miss ya ma.