great songs … sometimes even better

great songs … sometimes even better

I’m lucky to be able to stream music from the internet here at work – not only from shared iTunes libraries, but the random radio stations too.
Just listened to a lovely (?) rendition of Sorrow by Bad Religion, done acoustically.

I think the song means we could have a better world, if only we… changed everything.

So as I watch (and time lapse) a lovely sunset filled with flat clouds drifting off to be over Chapel Hill, and cool acoustic music plays (cause I’m reaffirming that music is important to me), I hope I can add just a little to a better future for all. Not sure how I’ll do that today, but the music fills me with hope, makes me think that yeah, it’s in the realm of possibility.

Didn’t I add to a better future by being at Metro Tango for three years? Lis asks about a picture up on my office wall – ‘what’s it mean?’ – well, the knight on the chess table means intelligence and tactics; the no smoking sign means you can’t smoke there (changes from last I saw that door); the Pegasus over a globe refers to our ability to be everywhere quickly; the lightning bolt refers to the speed that we posses – “near-real time processing” I recall us saying. Nice symbology, wish I had the official story – perhaps a letter to the Air Force, what do you think?

A better future may have been had through my efforts there. Can not confirm nor deny at this point.

Subtle changes at best, right? Like how everyday I can learn to see things just a bit differently – like the comparisons of banks stiffing investors by dropping properties that are ‘underwater’ – just walking away from office buildings in San Fransisco. What bankers want of ‘good’ Americans is to keep paying the mortgage on their homes, even if they also find themselves underwater. On one hand, isn’t what we’re taught to do is the ‘right’ thing – if you sign a contract to pay a loan, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? But if the ‘right’ thing to do in a business sense would be to walk away, why can’t that be the ‘right’ thing for each of our own ‘personal businesses’? A different perspective – neither more or less correct, just different.

Ok. rambles – shouldn’t I stay away from those this year/decade? ha ha ha