Our trip, recollected, part 1

Our trip, recollected, part 1

the time shift is causing concern for boo & I – how late is it? Really? wow … we’ll have to see how long this lasts.

We had a GREAT time visiting Blood & Bob in Seattle (& Jon & Sally in Portland, and Kimya & Panda in Olympia too). Trying to recall the tall tales to tell, and thought I’d post a bit to make sure we’re hitting all the highlights.

Friday we headed out early from RDU (thanks Michelle and Zach!), got into Chicago and then off to Seattle. Probably the least happy time was when we got handed the keys to the Chevy Cobalt rental – after I specifically asked for anything except a Cobalt – doh!

Saturday was a lovely morning – sunshine! Off we were to get some nibbles, followed by a stroll in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Garden. Truly a fabulous visit – cool pics galore … afterward we headed over to Shorty’s to get our drinkies, then met up with Bob and headed to Mama’s Mexican for nibblies. Home for SNL and nappies!

Sunday we wandered the streets of downtown Ballard – the farmer’s market, the shoreline park, then back to Ballard for some nibbles and drinks at Kings, then a quick into Sonic Boom records (maybe) where John D./ Mountain Goats were being played – it’s like I never left Durham! Finally our wearly bodies were treated to coffee at Blood’s ‘morning spot’, where she and Bob pick up pick-me-ups on their way to work.

Monday was just gorgeous – shall I tell you in the next post? Yes!
Oh – pics of the trip here: http://picasaweb.google.com/nc.scottwallace
note – not my typical Flickr pics page.