just 24 hours to go…

just 24 hours to go…

isn’t that a Ramones tune? I think not.

So yeah – one more day. We’ll make it through this year. We’ll make it through the ‘naughties’ – one of the best monikers I’ve read for the ’00s…

does anyone recall the slide into the ’00s? all the fear and uncertainty of a new millennium. turns out to be both exciting and the same ol’ same old.


Our local ‘nice place to go for a walk’ – Northgate Park – had their annual holiday luminaries the other weekend – was able to grab a few pics. Such a nice effect.

So, we’ll spend the day prepping for a celebration – a hearty ‘Hoorah!’ to welcome 2010, and an equally hearty ‘Farewell’ to 2009 and the whole decade. I’m hoping to be happily befriended and even perhaps a tad buzzed – I think I could use it. May your plans and hopes and celebrations be enjoyable, safe, memorable and life affirming. If not, set something on fire to make it go BOOM!

oh nice – now it’s Madness – One Step Beyond! so nice to have music make to make ya smile.