ok, so why is chilly so damn chilly??

ok, so why is chilly so damn chilly??

Current Mood: thankful
I’m ok with the change of season, really I am.
it makes heated mattress pads soooo much more enjoyable.
But I am feeling COLD these past few days, when the temps go from 58 to 45; I step outside and think ‘why is it freezing?’ but it’s not. then I get up and it’s 27 outside, and that makes our floors kinda chilly – and I understand I should think 27 is cold… ugh.
why the hell am I bitching about the weather? shouldn’t I have a seething comment on the inability of the TSA to keep a suspected radical off our planes? or the annoyances of the season in general – did you send a care package to any of our soldiers in the front lines? Neither did I…

On the really up / positive side, Boo and I poked and prodded our ‘den’ into a more useable ‘boo’s room’ configuration over the past weekend – here take a look –

I’m kinda enjoying the Windows 7 experience – not sure if it’s cause ‘new’ can be enjoyable, or if it’s finding out about really useful features – like being able to create a new folder in a file explorer window or the desktop with the keyboard shortcut CRTL + SHIFT + N … really, that’s useful for people who make documents or need to organize photos into a folder … and now I don’t have to stop, select file – new – folder, or right click and hunt down ‘new – folder’ options. I hear Shari has a new lappytoppy – who knows, we’ll both find out cool things about Win7!

ok, a short post before I get my day started…
hope the end of the year is treating you well.