and so a short run to the end of the year…

and so a short run to the end of the year…

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that sounds like we can do that, right?
took a really good whack at rearranging our den the last two days – I’d say boo is ok with where it’s going… we’ll see if we can make it usable by 2010…
the weekend and the holiday went fabulously, with only minor hassles – you know, like lots of rain on our way out to see Cam and her family in Zebulon… and then later that night a visit to the Carrie and Nate’s gave us foggy weather – sweet.
Meals with MnMnZ and gifts from friends and family, nice days like today where we had the windows open as we dusted – can not complain.
things sound good at the other corners of the Wallace universe – Blood’s making here way back to seattle, having enjoyed the family warmth in Wyoming and Montana… Shari has a new ‘puter, and I can’t wait to see pics and hear the stories of the upstate holidaze… (mikeymatt – how’d things go??). Wendy sounded good, though she had a quiet holiday – and don’t we all deserve one of those from time to time??? She did host turkey day afterall!

So this update is from within the LJ site, we’ll see how it links to my Facebook page – oh convergence, why aren’t we there yet?

I do hope those who browse my collection of words here have enjoyed themselves and their friends and families over the past few weeks – and I hope your new year is filled with joy and good times.

(I’ll have to figure our my sig one of these days…)