Good to be where I am …

Good to be where I am …

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and tonight, I’m home. With Blue, but without Boo …
Can I just comment on our friends? Please? they rock – we’re some of the luckiest peeps on this planet. Blue was able to enjoy the weekend while I jetted down to Boo and Bubbie… I’m really truly thankful for the offers of stewardship for Blue by all of our friends, and I’m happy that Blue was able to spend time chilling and playing with her new friends … yay!

Can I also comment on Tampa’s airport? At least the C terminal where Southwest is – been there twice now – really have their act together and the openness and pleasantness is really great. Kudos Tampa … perhaps I’ll be back for a vacation!

Ah, vacation. Vacate. Vacaville.

So, a quick blast through this week with not enough time, then up to glorious Upstate – I’m expecting a full range of emotions and experiences, and to some extent I’m concerned, but I guess there’s a certain amount of … settling? solidifiying? “solid like jello”, eh Wendy?

updated in the AM – wow, chilly, with forecast of cold. huh – guess fall has come and winter is around the corner.

Pics up over at Flickr – like this one.

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