wow … wow … wow… three smacks to the head.

wow … wow … wow… three smacks to the head.

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Ah, how life keeps on spinning, no matter how much you ‘intend’ … to get done, to relax, to improve…
Let’s go in order, shall we? This post was crafted on/about the 12th … last Saturday.

“What makes those kids go bad so young?”
“TV reality programing?” {peter vance}

Why am I quoting from a play performed in the winter of 2001? Well, funny what you finally get around to – sticking all my various media files onto one big drive/server. And what do I find on my desktop collection of music?
The .wav files for Exmass … and why would I make an audio recording of a theatrical performance? Well, it’s not so funny what you do to spend time when you’re stuck in a cave … a recording of a performance. a show that helped … immensely, I believe. Helped a lot. 8 years later, a ghost I’m not afraid of.

Peter was in a word gregarious.

{Holy shit it’s taken me an hour to make sure I knew what was the truth – July 2006 was when we lost Peter … shit.}
Trying to find a pic … ok, here’s one:

While hunting down ‘the truth’, I’ve listened to him act and laugh … he makes me smile, the way he acts. And Alisa Wilson – wow … my soul breaks when you sing… your voice …

Back home, I caught the news that Jim Carroll passed. Damn.
In honor of his passing, I’ll go and slip in “Tuff Turf” in the dvd player. Though a fine example of some early Spader acting, it’s so much more poignant for me because Jim performed in the movie. He played as the house band for a dive bar, and it was there that I first heard his song – somewhat ironically named, now, “People Who Died Who Died.” It burned into my youthful tabla rosa, along with Spader’s Connecticut accent, making me wonder how life would be if it were so much more dramatic and exciting. Thus, I vowed to leave Upstate. So a hearty thanks Jim, you helped me escape.

Ok, how about this addition from Monday –

Sunday was more of the same, pushing files, pondering navels, etc. Then Mel swung over and we headed out to 9th Street to do some errands on a lovely day in the Triangle. Oh, and for some reason, Brendan decided we were worthy of trotting out in his new Subie – wow. wow.

wow …

Oh, what’s this? Just in – “WOLVERINES!!!!!! Nooooooooo” …
RIP, Patrick Swayze. Point Break worked awesomely for me, though Dirty Dancing is the one the ladies hold onto.

So, here we are Thursday night. Boo’s helping Bubbie down in St. Petersburg. I’ve been somewhat productive – put up gates on the back porch so Blue is more contained, and we’re not the oh so charming couple with crap blocking the stairs on their back porch.

Even returned Boo’s bike to the garage – only the Shadow knows what mischief I’ll do in the dining room.

Oh, look. There’s Blue – she seems happy. Because she’s down on the driveway.

While I’m up on the porch screwing together plywood and pine plank. “Come here girl… come here blue…” thankfully she comes right up to me, looking only slightly abashed, mostly just looking … like herself. Kinda “hey, things are cool. What’s new?”

Um. Yeah. Let’s not tell mom about this, ok?

wow …

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”