A sunny morning on a chilly day in america…

A sunny morning on a chilly day in america…

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Boo made it back from her mission o’ mercy (with ancillary mission o’ good times with K&H) just in time to nap with blue yesterday. didn’t realize how much I’d miss her … til she was gone!

had a fun class last night – we wandered franklin street into carrboro, snapping pics in a treasure hunt of ‘oh god why did Mike give us 27 shots to take tonight – we can barely figure out our white balance!!!!!’ goodness. Great golden hour light at Jesse’s coffee place with their brass (I think) coffee roaster oven thing, wonderful sunset over the west side of Carrboro, hanging out in the parking lot of the Southern Rail, wondering if we could get tater tots to go. finally doing some low light theatrics next to the cop shop across from tyler’s, then making it to tyler’s for a bite to eat before rolling back to the ‘hood with the windows down and sunroof open – to find boo and blue all happy nappy yay!

yeah, not to bad of a day. Hope today is just as fabulous…


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