things trickling through my brain…

things trickling through my brain…

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Odd sentence uttered during my recent upstate adventure – “hey, let’s go enjoy the fine dining of Bennu Cafe – it’s in the Whitestown Plaza…” so very very odd, but so very very true.

Spent the weekend helping dig out and set up a ‘neighborhood’ pool – Morgan and Beth’s yard just so happens to have space, so we shoveled and raked and shoveled and roto-tilled and pick-axed and wheel-barrowed our way to a 15 foot round hole, and put up a 4 foot deep pool.

If only we had had a pool to go float in after all that work!!! but it did fill overnight, so we’ll be hearing reports soon about the float ability of it! whoooo!

Have been enjoying the celebration of my 29th birthday nicely … people are quite happy to help me celebrate – feels a bit odd, but gonna just go with it, that’s my thought. Cause someone’s got to enjoy the cake, eh?

Ok, should get back to work, but wanted to share the Bennu Cafe – quite the oddity, but quite tasty!

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