what – a third update???

what – a third update???

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yeah, so you knock a man down a few steps, he thinks a bit before stepping back up.
Take this, stupid flu bug!!!! ki-aww! Bap! Pow!!

besides hitting the skies for a few minutes of sheer awesome interspersed with bits of ‘huh, that’s odd…’ I’ve been trying to chip thru some pics from last weekend’s adventures.
had a great trip up through non-sucky Pennsylvania (rt 15! wow!), hit the Farm Sanctuaryoutside of Watkins Glen, NY with MnMnZ, made it up to visit the sister Shari and family (yay – sister!), met MickeyMatt’s new girl (hello joanne), met Justin’s new girl (hello Nicky), went for a walk with MnM and Shari and David (and half-bro Ryan and his peeps) through the park as part of the Boilermaker weekend, hung out with mr. Pips in a never enough but a little is great kind of way, saw Ma H, was impressed with digital tv (9-4???), went to the fireman’s field days – someone needs to make a documentary of that experience; missed saying hi to my pop – hey dad! – had a surprisingly nice trip back towards watkins glen – via rt. 20 and some really stunning towns at the tips of the finger lakes, then a tasty lunch at Bully Hill vineyards, and made it deep into PA once again before succumbing to illness.

Sounds fun packed, doesn’t it??
Well, very much so, but differently than from this::

Thad goes for a walk…

Well, hopefully I’ll get some pics up of my fun from Upstate – yay fun!!!

Oh, and in the realm of things experienced that meet or exceed expectations (walk for Boilermaker, road trip with friends, helicopter flight), may I just say that streaming Netflix vids (so far some CSI miami I’ve missed) – whoa. kinda cool. It just works. neat!


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