::quarterTurn:: 1983

::quarterTurn:: 1983

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June 1983. Let’s see what I can remember…
Summer time from 1 Trinity Ave … bicycling, I suspect, since I was all of 15 (turning 15 at that!) … was this the summer of bike rides to Fox road, and then to Rome?? Was this the summer of ‘just one hill’ shortcuts with Matt off to Delta? Yesh, I do believe it was.

According to the all powerful Wikipedia, Apple released the Apple Lisa in Jan or 1983, and I do recall riding my bike into Rome, and seeing a Lisa on display at a computer store.

Flashdance and Return of the Jedi are hits at theaters … probably over mem day into june, maybe??

and apparently we all enjoyed the introduction of the McNugget at McDonalds…

I’m willing to share this pic…

1983 … so long ago, eh?


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