Free comic books ROCK!!!

Free comic books ROCK!!!

but, as I tried to be amusing about it – the first one’s free, says the pusher.

I gave Boo crap for picking up an Archie comic. We chatted with a very nice comic book writer who was in the store, but not really super enthused – i think the location in the store saddened him. Or perhaps the Flash saddened him. Or Wonder Woman.

Anyways, it’s sunday night, my family thinks my blog is at times wierd, and well … how are you?

Blood’s getting ready to turn over a new leaf. Shari & David were looking at houses in upstate (hint hint humphreys!), Justin’s gonna go American, gansta style, Boo is helping Holly understand xanth womanizing, and blue – well … here – you see for yourself!

It’s springtime – things are beautiful.

It’s all sorts of new and a bit challenging (isn’t that what we are supposed to search for?) … one thing that was brought to the forefront was how much has gone by me in the past few years, also how much I’ve enjoyed and survived.

‘how did you get here?’ was an inquire, and i have to say – or shout – my family and my friends love me very much!!!! and that’s the only way I could have made it here.

the big question is how to get to where I think I want to be! Luckily, I’m in a great place to puruse all my desires to my heart’s content. Just have to get off my ass and do it, as Nike would say.

So, to recap – The Jimmy is awesome, tough times are sometimes longer than we think, and definitely longer than we want, and if we try really hard together, we can get ahead. Honest.

wow – just grabbed the card out of my camera cause I was running low on space – wow – so, I guess I can spend the next week pushing and labeling pics from April, eh?

ha ha ha ha


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