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April 1991. Let’s see …
Iraq war ends, so I’m in Sunnyvale, CA. Wondering. Worrying. Wearing a Mustache!!!!

22 year old pondering the world. Think the world wins that one. Recall (what’s her name) with her cats, she worked at the Wherehouse with me. Probably made it up to Seattle at least near April of ’91, I think. I bitched about the snow on the way south – something like 4 or 5 inches near Mt. Shasta.

Blair Court, I think was the place Pam and I had an abode. Springtime – nothing’s jumping out at me… will have to see when Mom made the visit to Seattle, cause I do believe Pam and I were up there.

I had my Ninja, there was a CRX in the car port. Opening day of the bay – would have had to be this year, since I believe I bailed out of NorCal the following February, I think. Oh it’s all a blur.

well, wasn’t this fun?


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