“I just …”

“I just …”

Current Mood: good

Current Music:Elvis Costello – All You Need Is Love
yeh, sis – I hear you.
“I don’t crash into things because I can’t see in front of my face” – not yet, not yet…

Wendy poses the ‘how will I feel when I get back there” to Shari. Shari’s not left. She gets to drive the roads and see the set where things happened. And not crash …

I love the music of John Darnelle. The words, the melodies, the heart.
But for the love of me I know like 3 titles. Fuck …

Inspiration. Aspiration. Despiration, eh?
What inspires you?
Me – the writings of Egan and Ienatch, the hope that Obama proposes … the wonderousness of Boo.
where do you aspire to be?

Hey – here’s a distraction – some Mountain Goats song titles and lyrics I’ll be able to associate with said titles …

Jenny – “900 cubic centimeters of raw whining power – and no outstanding warrents for my arrest”
Source Decay – “drive through Austin … read postcards you still send” remember the train heading south out of bangkok
There will be no divorce – “at 5 am … I turn the radio on … “
Have to explode – “name one thing about us to anyone …” “5 4 3 2 1 watch for the flash”
San Bernadino – haunting intro
Your or your memory – checked into a bargain room on the corner of la cienaga
Broom People – “friends who don’t have a clue … well meaning teachers … in your arms, I’m a wild creature..”
This Year – like I need to explain
Dilaudid – “if we get our full 3 score and ten we won’t pass this way again..”
Dance Music – “this is what the volume knob is for… I listen to … dance music …”
Dinu Lipatti’s Bones – “we scaled the hidden hills beneath the surface…”
Up the Wolves – “our mother has been absent ever since we founded rome..”
Lion’s Teeth – “we hold for dear life…”
Hast thou considered the Tetrapod – “if I wake you up – there will be hell to pay…”
Magpie – “when the cherry’s white with blossom be ready and be brave … “
Song for Dennis Brown – “on the day my lung collapses … it won’t be much different”
Love Love Love – “some things you do for money and some you do for love love love..”
Pale Green Things – “my sister called at 3am just last december…”
cold milk bottle – “despite your best efforts I feel alright”

just noticed that The Sunset Tree is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Tallahassee – “plums on the tree – heavy with nectar”
First Few Desperate Hours – “bad luck comes in from tampa .. on the back of a truck”
Southwood Plantation Road – “our conversations are like minefields. no one’s found a safe way through…”
Game Shows Touch Our Lives – “people say friends don’t destroy one another … what do they know about friends?”
The House That Dripped Blood – “grab your hat get your coat … the cellar door is an open throat…”
Idylls of the King – “all of them all of them all of them lined up”
No Children – ” I hope you die … I hope we both die”
See America Right – “you love is like a cyclone in a swamp … and the weather’s getting warmer”
Peacocks – “grab hold of the morning … head out to the porch .. feel the wind stopping, feel the sun scorch…”
International Small Arms Traffic Blues – “trucks loaded down with weapons crossing over every night … moon yellow and bright”
Have to Explode – “checker board white and blue … towels from the Ritz Carlton hotel ..”
Old College Try – “our love has never had a leg to stand on… I will walk … down to the end with you”
Oceanographer’s Choice – “guy in a skeleton costume … comes up to the guy in the superman suit … runs through him with a broadsword…”
Alpha Rat’s Nest – “we do the best vampire routines … as we suck the hours dry”

Slow West Vultures – “slowly circling the drain … ready for the future”
Palmcorder Yajna – “hooked up with some friends at the travelodge – set ourselves up for the night”
Linda Blair was born Innocent – “here we come, scrubbed and showered … patches on our jeans … hungry for love, ready to drown”

“hungry for love” – so perfect, as I share my spite, my pettyness – go Flickr!!!

Letter from Belgium – “we could always use more electrical equipment”
The Young Thousands –
Your Belgian Things – “the men were here to get your belgian things … and I was the only one here to see it”
Mole – “I am a mole … sticking his head above the surface of the earth”
Home Again Garden Grove “let’s go where the jackels are breeding … wrap this bandana around your head don’t let anyone see you’re bleeding”
All up the seething coast – “show up for dinner … heap the sugar high and wide on everything I eat”
Quito – “When I recieve the blessing I have coming … I”m going to raise and ice cold glass of water”
Cotton – “this song is for the people who tell their family that they are sorry … for things they can’t or wont feel sorry for”
Against Pollution – “we shall see visions more vivid than sunsets … we will recognize each other for the first time … and see ourselves for the first time … the way we really are”
the triumph of Pigs that ran straightaway into the water – “you’re going to do what you want to do no matter what I ask of you .. I come from chino where the asphalt sprouts”

wow – so many songs … so many good songs. wow.

~ S ~

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