To chance!

To chance!

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quite right, ed. To chance…

had a nice chat with Mickeymatt tonight – he’s excited as he builds a web prescence for himself and his business. yay matt!

chatted with blood a bit tonight – she sounds a bit subdued; and of course taht causes me to wonder – hey – what about me?
perhaps … perhaps I need more time. or more solitude. or … help.

in working thru my pics on disks, I caught a pic from sep 2000 in DC – bbq in the park across from MnM’s apt on the hill.
John was there.

I have a note on my monitor stand that says ‘words 4 john’ … words for john. cause he went away too. left us with ‘nibblies and drinkies’ … and a coat I cherish. and memories and confusion and sadness.

Pics. Memories stored. Stories captured. Moments in time past… like MickeyMatt and his truck and a curvy hilly road out Marysville way.
Moments in time.
words … sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever write what I need to. I self censor to beat the band, and I was trained well.
“I’m gonna lose my nerve” … lyrics from a song – moments in a song

“Love love love .. love love love … love is all you need” – from an old english folk song.

What matters to you? what makes you happy? Why are you living the life you have?

~ S ~

||| dona nobis pacem</br>||| “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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(Anonymous)2009-01-14 08:00 pm (UTC)
What matters to you? what makes you happy? Why are you living the life you have?…

Happy moments matter to me most… whether that comes in once a day or once a week. Try to have those happy moments as frequently as possible with little to no effort and have them with more people. If certain folks don’t bring you any happy moments, you get rid of them 🙂 And if certain folks take snappy snaps of those particular moments then make sure they are there ALL the time 😉

What makes me happy? Silly giggling. Friends who don’t judge me. Family who don’t judge me. Balance. Feeling accomplished. Reaching a goal, no matter how tiny. And puppies. Trying not to let the small things bother me… because really and truly, everything is going to be all right.

Why? That’s the big question I suspect. I’m in the boat with John L… that Love is all you need. Have that and everything falls into place. Patience, courtesy, trust… then you can relax and giggle 😉

I’m sorry that people leave 🙁 Cherish the coat, cherish everything you can about those who are gone and giggle in their honor. Just sayin’. Again, like I said on our walk, I may not say the right things or know how you feel or how you hurt… but I can listen. And giggle. At nothing.

Stop censoring. Unless what you are censoring will hurt someone. Explore what is is you are cutting out. Unless I read that wrong. I misinterpret things poorly sometimes. You are offering the world quite a lot, please don’t question that 🙂