The fall…

The fall…

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has fallen. Leaves have left, and the golden sunlight pours into our house, our little hobbit house. Shall we prepare for the coming cold? snuggle down into our burrows and rest until spring has sprung? Sure. It’s as good a plan as any.

Troika is on its final day (daze?) – the Carolina show last night was great – watched Kimya play and was, as always, amazed and impressed. She also apparently likes our little Durham-town! Yay!

The fest has kept me focused on the chaos immediately in front of my face, and I certainly feel like I’m on top of a game, if not my game, and as long as i get a few more hours of sleep soon, I should fare well as november keeps moving by.

The trees and leaves are just fascinating me – our crape mertles (sp????) went bright(ish) yellow and then overnight the leaves are on the ground, bare limbs wave in the breeze. Wow. Everywhere on the streets of Northgate park today big piles of leaves -remind me of the car commercials (for porsche) where they run along the road and the leaves fly up and away. So … fallish!!!

Panda and I had tea the other day. wow.

Saw Christine and Zeno with their beautiful daughter Schei at the Thursday night Central Park kick off – so fabulous, they look so happy.

so much to write about, so much to share – as the sun sets thru our dinning room window, where I sit at our new table, on a new chair, listening to the whirs and clicks and clacks of my life being washed in the kitchen…

Perhaps a quick nap on our super sized bed before the evenings insanity? I doubt, but dreams are needed.

think bright thoughts people, gonna be a while before the light comes back.

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”