Tuesday, greyness & Family

Tuesday, greyness & Family

Current Mood: cold

Current Music:The Mountain Goats – Source Decay

split pea soup is being heated, a Herb Philipson’s gift card arrives in the mail, and we regroup.
the details need attending, but the swell of love and friendship keeps us buoyed. Good friends, great friends, and people who can’t be categorized have done so much to keep us … going? no, keep us sane. to them all we owe a debt of gratitude.
but sometimes, it’s the least expected corner of the universe where peace and happiness is handed, unconditionally, when you can’t conceive anything other than you own path.

Z started driving Pop-pop’s quad over this past weekend, and apparently was a wonderful student of the instruction over the past years. We visited the snowmobile crossing, made it back to the farmhouse and then did a loop of the big field.
His joy of being a boy was all encompassing, and as dis-believing as I was of his promise to keep me mud free, I returned to Boo and Mel and Michelle happy, smiling through and through, though not as smiley as Z was.

Thanks dude – more than you will know, thanks.


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”