Blood makes noise

Blood makes noise

Current Music:Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise
It’s the title to a track by Suzanne Vega, first heard it on an episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets. Hell, back in mid-1990s, I guess.

Blood. I use that word to name my sister, carol. She’s awesome, and at this moment is helping keep things fairly normal in upstate. Mom’s doing ok at the hospital after her bladder-ectomy, with typical post-op challenges (the digestive track is quite frankly annoyed). Shari (no cool nickname for her) is also in the area, I believe she’s back in Albany today. Mom’s in good hands, I’m happy to say.

Dad is also, I hope, in good hands. See, while I was departing Albany to get to Durham to get to Los Angeles, Blood informed me that he was having pacemaker difficulties. Odd, I’d think, what with it being only a year and a half or so from installation. He spent the better part of last week in the hospital too, having a couple of surgeries to disconnect, then re-install a new pacemaker. ‘he’s a little thin’ was the only thing I heard of note, and I’d have to concur. Let’s hope they took good care of him, and that he’s set for the fall, eh?

Sarah and David had a fabulous ceremony – David’s folks are awesome, Sarah’s family is awesome, and the friends of both are really great. All the happiness they can handle, I do believe, is their future. That, and seeing america from the front seat of their honeymoon-mobile!

Blue’s been the bestest pup since boo and I arrived … er … two nights ago (I think). All willing to cuddle and spend too much time napping with us. Yay.

Thankfully, nothing paused while I’ve been distracted by life. Just running through the pics on my laptop, and came across pics of my flight into RDU – the full moon casting cool reflections off the lakes surrounding our little corner of the world. Just like the full moon over us in LA, casting the cool silver light upon the clouds as we made it into RDU on tuesday night. Father Moon, guiding in the darkness with a constant support, with the strength of hope that mother sun will be with us shortly, fret not.

I’ll post pics as I can. Thanks to all who helped us pull this off.


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