Friday night lites!

Friday night lites!

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How’s everyone doing tonight? Good? Great!!!
So, what other fond memories do I have in the box? Let’s see …

How about cake?

Really, we should all enjoy our cake … it’s yummy! That’s me at 5!

I’ve always been told that I’m outstanding in my field…

and here’s the proof – standing since 1972!

Then again, I’m not against some uplifting music…

Stunning, frankly. Just stunning…

A year later, 1973 – still standing!

Different hair cut, I think…

I’ve noticed that a lot of my historic pics are based around the holidays and birthdays.

Rollin in from Monterey for the holidays in Upstate … Matt off to the left of mom.

More below the cut … here!

So, in 1990, I was paroled from the Air Force, rode my motorcycle across the country to the Bay area. I think I didn’t make it up to Blood’s in Seattle until the next year, so I’ll call this Spring 1991 …

Of course, wait – Blood, were you hanging with Bob in ’91? Oh the confused mind of a not-20-year-old!

Well, we went to the museum. There were dinos…

and cool glasses!

See? Even Walt believes in the power of cake!

Yay … cake!

Small fact – scott digs those irish blokes…

have since back in the day!

I support gun control …

where you hit your target. Here’s Dave and I up in Marcy, hell, 1990 maybe.

So, we’ll finish with a flurish –

Pips, myself and Matt – July 14th, 1986. We’ve all gone so far from Trinity ave’s couch, haven’t we?


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”

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originalface2008-08-10 06:14 am (UTC)

we are such geeks!!!