Ghosts … pleased to meet them

Ghosts … pleased to meet them

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So, I wonder, what am I doing? Posting ancient pics of me – kinda self-focused, eh Wallace?

But … why not? There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I, in the past, have faced style issues that triumphed over my better judgment. Or facial hair choices that in retrospect were wrong. just plain wrong. No one was hurt by these actions of mine. As far as I know.

Plus, ma likes them. and Boo has a good laugh, as do my other friends. So, continue your amusement/enjoyment. Huzzah!

Here’s blood with long hair!

the holidays of 1988 treated us all well – we were heading into a NEW decade!

A brooding scott … with amigos!

Kimmy H. up top, Mr. Bailey to the right. Weeee… no idea where we were – Sylvan lake?

Not quite a year old…

Dig the snail on my vest!

Sing scott sing…

Somewhere up there is me.

You have to turn 3 to get to 40 …

Love that the cake has 6 candles!!! my life of sharing…

Now, I recall this rocker – no idea who has it now…

One thing I dig from this adventure is the interiors of places I’ve been, but don’t recall. Where are we? April ’69 was probably Ithaca!

June 1970

Guess the neighbors had a Nova! Blood looks happy…

more behind this cut – – here.

Blurry, but happy!

That couch!!! I remember it … as well I should.

Growing up so fast…

One month in, I seem bored!

Birthday time at Trinity Ave…

I think I counted 12 candles … love the brick in the back ground. It becomes red brick in later pics of 1 Trinity…

Happy cake time!

7 candles each! Moseley street, I’ll presume. So happy. Missing teeth!

From 7 to 17! Shazam!

Oh, the horrors embodied by this picture. Sorry.

How about a snowball?

32’sh or so … weeee… having a great time in Dec at the Grand Canyon.

Here’s Boo…

Isn’t she awesome?!!

After the Canyon, we ended up on the East Coast.

Mel’s newly renovated kitchen in Maryland!

Some friends of ours…

Great hair in that family!

And one more of the shorts that dare not be spoken of….

Oh the joys of youth. Yeah, I’ll explain it that way!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”


2008-08-03 09:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes! Sharing Birthdays is grand when you’re six. *sigh*
That’s a great picture of Alicia. You should frame it and put it on your desk.

2008-08-08 03:38 pm (UTC)
speechless 🙂 but oh so happy.