at 20 ’til one…

at 20 ’til one…

Current Mood: irritated

Current Music:Kimya Dawson – I Like Giants
I go out and make noise, so the jokers across the street know I think their music is loud and obnoxious … I holler ‘5 minutes’ and take the Kimya discs inside.
At quarter ’til one, I go out again and retrieve one of the two outdoor chairs we bought at Target tonight, and I approach them to tell them to turn down the music – the girl runs interference and hollers to the guys that I’m asking to turn the music down.
At 10 ’til one, I go out for the other box, and they seem to not know what ‘turn down’ means – their bass is awesome, rattling the house for the past 18 months on occasion. I cross the street again to ask them / tell them to turn their music down – a guy in glasses approaches and gives me static, ‘you don’t come cross the street telling me to turn off my music!!!’ – ‘do you think it’s an unreasonable request at 1 in the morning??’ ‘I’ll turn the music up!’ ‘I asked nicely …’ ‘get off my lawn!’ (I’m in the road…) …. it doesn’t end pleasantly, but I return to the house and jingle the boys in blue.

grrrr …
‘they’ve turned off the music – be happy with that’ says officer blue. ‘they threatened me, sir’ … ‘ “I’ll pop him in the back of the head” won’t stand up as a threat … ‘ ‘so you’re telling me to be afraid?’ ‘no – no I’m not …’


So, how’s your Saturday night?

Our Friday/Friday night run up to Richmond to catch Kimya was cool – the national is a great place to have a show – the green room is very nice. Everyone loved Kimya, and Ani was great too! Panda and Ange always a pleasure to hang out with!

Saturday started good – helped Beth do the inspection over at their latest possible abode purchase – it was cool to be with peeps who know what they’re talking about – Dick the inspector was great – we went on a power cable scavenger hunt in the back at the garage/shop. Learned the going rate for twirly roof vent installs and replacing shingles this summer. Every little bit helps…

Caught up with Barbara (Carrie’s ma) who flew in last night – we all went to the q-shack in Durham, then caught coffee at Caffe Driade 
in Chapel Hill and then Locopops also in Chapel Hill. They all seemed in good spirits, so that’s awesome – we like it when peeps visit and like where we’re at!

Some furniture shopping and home to a quiet night … til it got late.
C’est la vie, right?


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”

oh – callin’ your friend on a Harley to visit? nice touch…