Hello July … wow.

Hello July … wow.

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I strolled out to the back door a bit ago, the laundry getting my attention. My legs ached a bit, having done an amazing 10 minutes on the elliptical thingy in the living room. I stood on the threshold to my back porch and just breathed. Don’t know the name of the pretty plant at the bottom of the steps, but it smells wonderful. The fragrant breeze combined with the noises of our night birds, letting me think all is well with the back side of Hobbit House.

I’ve been lucky. I know that. I think about it a lot. I’ve been lucky in love, lucky in life, and blessed with goodness beyond my needs – I know this. I hope I’m open about this to my friends and family. My back porch. Beautiful weather and a happy scent to the air – really, that’s all very good.

// Minnesota The Mountain Goats Full Force Galesburg 1997//

Things are still going well at the day job, and hanging with Mel keeps my options open with other interesting things to be doing. Probably shouldn’t be typing, should be sleeping, but I wanted to get this note posted.

Things are busy with Boo, as they often are. Blue is happier tonight – she got a toy skunk that she LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got it as a treat since she let us snip and Pedicure her nails – oh my god did they need it. lots of little daggers digging into my side as she ran in her sleep, nestled (hot dogged) between Boo and I.

The weather isn’t too bad, we keep the A/C running, but Boo does work from home, so …

I signed a guest book for my friend (did I earn that? Can I call him that?) JohnParker. The guest book at his obituary notice. I hope … hope. John, damn it. We miss you. You are missed very very very much. May you be in peace, and immensely happy. Damn it…

// A New England 2:12 Billy Bragg Life’s A Rio With Spy Vs. Spy //

I put together some MySpace pages earlier – or I should say I registered two pages – Thanks to Zeno for the motivation – probably won’t do anything with them, but what ever.

Ok. Here’s a post. I’ll be posting a different post soon – perhaps before I sleep.

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”