“I’m ok … you’re so so…”

“I’m ok … you’re so so…”

Current Mood: hopeful

Current Music:David Bowie – Up the Hill Backwards
such fabulous lyrics, Mr. Bowie!

Hey – look at me – I’m BLoGGGgggginG!!!!!!!
as I sit here flipping and pushing pics for everyone’s amusement, I recall that no one’s up to date on things cause, well, I’ve been a poor blogger. Can I put that down as an occupation? Hobby? Therapy?

So we hung with Carrie and Nate last night (Saturday) – had dinner out at Ginza, Japanese Steak House in Cary, with Carrie’s cousin Allison and our new friends Rachel and Michael – all quite fabulous! Retired to Allison’s very nice family room, and listened to competitive playlists, shared good times and found out about the developer and the neighbors. Shocked, I tell you – shocked!!!

Friday night we hung out at the Pizza Palace with Mel, listened to the pneruotics – they’re pretty damn good live. Work’s been busy, so we didn’t stay late – I ended up doing a little work saturday morning, while chilling with Zach! yay!

Have I started enough – where to begin, really? Recovered from the beginning of the month, survived the heat, took too many pics. Seems the Wallace Women enjoyed the visiting – know everyone could have done with a bit less heat.

Saw the Incredible Hulk movie this past week – I recommend it – fun, and had a nice throw back to the show from the 70’s!

In the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed marvelous nibbles – with Viv we had a sunday brunch at Briggs in RTP. I recall enjoying Nosh with Brendan, and earlier today while watching the EuroBowl Football final game, a beer tasting guided by Tim. Tim shared with us that there are only 6 Trappist beers in the world, and had three on hand to share with us. Wow.

Friday was a bit tough, with Mom’s news of going from “we’ll see you in September” to “we’ll see you in Albany”, and Boo’s fast action force made my office time a bit more dramatic than I felt necessary – but it did remind me of how lucky I am to have such good friends – thank you both, Mel and Morgan! And Boo!

While Mom’s news was part of Friday, another part of my drama filled workday was this:
just something to ponder – the story ends with good news, a good home, and a stressful Saturday morning where it seems, at 10:45, that I’d be the kind soul to take in the puppy; at 1:45 Noelle rang me to say a happy home was found. All I wanted to do was make sure all would end well, with a ‘hey – before the pound, give me a call’ – of course, had I not emailed the entire list-serve, no one but Noelle would have known. I still have to email our realtor to let her know that, no, we did not adopt a new puppy. Weeeeeeee….

Ok – here’s a bit of cool software if you like to have you wallpaper change from time to time – I’ve used it for a few months, like it a lot!

Blood, as always, has great links she shares often. She sent me to a TED talk, and I was stunned. I’m so glad she visits and takes stuff away from the site – it’s worth everyone’s time to visit!!!!

Ok. not quite the right time on this post, but I started Sunday pm, and now it’s kinda finished.


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”

//The Price of Oil 4:47 Billy Bragg//