which side are you on, boys?

which side are you on, boys?

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Billy Bragg – wonderful poet, if you ask me.

So, this is gonna be painful for me to type… uh, Guitar Hero kinda … rocks. Like, it was really fun to rock alongside my boo last night over at Carrie & Nate’s. Cause we have awesome friends who are up for good times, Beth and Morgan were along for the ride, and after a delicious dinner at Jack Aster’s in Cary, we broke out the Wii and got our guitar on. and it was good.


So let’s recap – Friday night amazing pin projekt awesomeness. Sadness from LoggieLand. Saturday morning nothing too fast, but Boo got into the killing off of the ivy of poison (two can play with poison!!!), saturday night we’re on the road with friends having a fabulous time. Sunday, slow start but generally goodness – think we’ll head out for some time on the American Tobacco Trail with friends. Think there’s gonna be some inking around 5 or so…

And there you have it. Oh, yesh – one reason to get me to type. Beth and Morgan have a nice digital camera, and I wanted to state that they take great photos! They shared a disc of pics from back in March/April – Kimya’s concert in the Durham Pole, and our run to the sand before the season got to far gone. Wow.


I know I have an issue with snap shots. What the hell – it’s not even that it takes much time, cause all I do is burn to disc and then… nothing. It’s something to do. Well, Morgan likes her camera. And takes great pics. Beth likes the camera too – and also takes great pics. So … wow. Perhaps I should ponder looking up the definition of composition and ponder the use of forethought when I pull out my camera. It’s a crazy idea, perhaps doomed to failure, but I have proof positive that effort = success, so I may just have to rethink my attitude. Wish me well…

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”
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Actually written by Florence Reece in the early 1930s. Really good song though.