Bunny Sunday…

Bunny Sunday…

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36 degrees on a sunny Sunday morning. Blue and I went to the right on the walk behind things, ended up at a nicer, town park (as opposed to going to the left and just getting a small playground. Good way to start the morning, even if I got to snap a pic of a car with frost on it’s back window as we entered the path behind things.

Have to admit, blue loves her walks. really really loves her walks. Can’t say I blame her – fresh air, a moment or 7 to ponder the day, a good poo to set the day right … er – wait – too much information! Also have to admit the Couch to Breakers program has me jazzed – the new shoes make it feel like I’m running through molasses ON CLOUD 9!!!!! We strive – not struggle – for the good things, eh?

//she wants revenge – these things//

Tom’s doing well – I’d say really well, but I’m not sure how much is just him pushing really really hard. Imagine that, an Army man who knows what the plan is, and focuses all the resources to accomplish said plan. Huh, who’d a thunk it? It is inspiring / promising to see how far he’s come since getting his knee sliced and diced THURSDAY!!!! Wow – he did two laps of his side of the wing last night before Linda, Boo and I left. He wasn’t the happiest camper at the end of that, but he also was still able to toss out a pun or two.

Continued impressions of Bethesda Naval – wow the orderlies are young – have they made it to Jr. High yet??? Wow – the guards are really young – have they graduated high school yet??? Damn they take good care of the patients.

This visit has been a bit of a roller coaster – Boo’s got concerns (yes – just concerns!!!!) about the whole human/medical/what happens next issue – I’d like to say she’s working on it, but I’ll just go with she found a few new books to distract herself with. Yay?

Alyssa is amazingly cute – her commanding ‘no – papa lift me!’ as she sat in her high chair – wowsers!!! she even dealt with Blue’s defense of her area from a small fry pretty well; not sure who walked away more freaked out, blue or Alyssa! Speaking of amazing, just how cute are dogs supposed to get? Blue’s over on her ‘downstairs’ bed/cushion, totally spent from a morning of walking fun. Huh… even ignoring her food. We’ll see what tune she sings when Boo makes it down from her slumber.

//Social Distortion – When Angels Sing//

Gaithersburg, Maryland. Land of … speed cameras. Cops who can’t stay in their lane. Roy Rogers who don’t turn off their lights when they’re closed! sunshine and cold. Lifetimes of memories from lifetimes ago. Who thought housing covenants were a good thing?Are the Kettler Brothers happy with how it’s turned out? Can they fit any more houses in this place? We (heart) geese! We will NOT TOLERATE trash cans at any convenient location/place, like where people walk their dogs! Like other places in America (Braggstown!) – no one knew to plan for 6 cars at a typical 3 bedroom residence – thank goodness there are access roads to park you truck on, here in Montgomery Village. We’re not confuses, we’re just stuck in 1981! Good people live here. Used to be people out at the edge of the sprawl, but now they’re not even really out of the city – progress, eh? Hey – looks like Montgomery College finally has more parking – go crazy!

Well, hope that helps people who need info – felt good to type away for a few minutes. Now I’ll go shopping in the Sunday morning circulars – wow – Office Despot has cheap laptops! and cheap memory cars for Boo’s phone….

Hope your Bunny Sunday brings a sense of goodness to ya. Guess it marks the beginning of lawn mowing season, eh?


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

//Guns ‘N Roses – Patience (live)//