sunny morning… yeah yeah yeah/

sunny morning… yeah yeah yeah/

February 28th, 2008

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happy happy

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Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

sunny day … yay yay yay!

whoa – channeling the partridge family or some such!

It IS a beautiful morning. I’m up early (I was about to say way early, but…)
and I notice … is Blue’s habit of grabbing a single/trio piece(s) of kibble and hopping up on the couch to spit them out and stare at them, crunching them one by one, the equivalent in DoggieLand terms of kids eating cereal in front of the TV? Granted, the couch IS in front of the TV, but you know what I’m saying, right?


On the communication scene, great chat with Blood last night – she’s out having a blast doing “HockeyTime(r)” [whoa … looking at the word hockey, I’m pondering ‘hock’ – what is it? I know you can be in and out of hock, but how does that become a sport of middle sized white guys? Hmmm…] – they watched ‘Slap Shot‘ last night in anticipation of the upcoming [insert cool local hockey teams from north o’ Seattle here] game. HockeyTime(r) is where she and her boss-dude GoalieMitch taunt fellow co-workers into sitting in an ice arena, drinking beer, and possibly – hopefully – getting dental work!!! Wait … no … um… yes. Yes indeed! So Slap Shot it was, and I’m hoping to be able to make it to HockeyTime(r) one of these years. Go … uh… Hanson Brothers!!!!

She also had me realizing that, after 10 years … 10 YEARS in LA, it’s now that I’m in happy little DurhamTown that I’ve crossed paths with musicians she has greatly enjoyed – Kim Townsend being the exception that makes the rule – Blood was thinking of me while watching the Oscars, and was quite happy for the independent leaning the awards took. Go Cody Diablo!!! Which, of course, lead to Kimya – who is, of course, amazing. I shared with Blood her Amoeba Hollywood show (find it on YouTube), and the Indie Spirit Awards show which Kimya blogged about. Which got me to talking about Troika Music Festival and John D. ofThe Mountain Goats, who apparently just played Seattle Tuesday Night.

Wow. That’s a long sentence!

So, what I was trying to say is in just a year I’ve solidly landed in Blood’s ‘good music’ bin, and frankly I’m saddened that I didn’t put more time in the ‘local’ scene in LA. Though, I’m not sure if that scene exists… sure it does, sure it’s different than Durham’s.

Why is blue heading to the back porch at full gallope? (yes – gallope – not gallop) … apparently, no reason what so ever!

Oh, hey – here are some pics by John D.’s special lady – over at Flickr. In case, you know, you haven’t seen enough pics. Hers, however, are good.

So, let’s recap – early. Sunny. Cold, btw. Good music helps you in life. Kimya and Goats ARE good music. Good friends help you get through life too – oh, had a good chat with MickeyMatt yesterday too! Got me pondering EarthCams – web cams from every where – you ARE there, except, you know – you’re sitting in front of your computer! Blue is awesome, Boo is awesomer – and the days are flying by like a rollercoaster. Go Good Eats!


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”