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Boo Hoo…

February 22nd, 2008

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“the players suffered “grievous, lasting injuries.””
“The suit contends the players suffered emotional distress and other injuries …”
Huh. I don’t get it. You weren’t guilty of anything; never charged. Yet, somehow through no fault of your own, you were hurt. By the words and deeds of others, against three of your buddies. Huh.
Perhaps, for some perspective, you might want to visit people who actually have suffered grievous, lasting injuries. Start here – it’s oh so close to your National Press Club circus tent – only about 5 and a half miles.

Meh … here’s the official list of Duke Lacrosse ‘injured’:
1. Edward Carrington
2. Casey J. Carroll
3. Michael P. Catalino
4. Gale Catalino (parent)
5. Thomas V. Clute
6. Kevin Colman
7. Joshua R. Coveleski
8. Edward J. Crotty
9. Edward S. Douglas
10. Kyle Dowd
11. Patricia Dowd
12. Daniel Flannery
13. Richard Gibbs Fogarty
14. Zachary Greer
15. Irene Greer
16. Erik S. Henkelman
17. Steven W. Henkelman (parent)
18. John E. Jennison
19. Ben Koesterer
20. Mark Koesterer (parent)
21. Joyce Koesterer (parent)
22. Fred Krom
23. Peter J. Lamade
24. Adam Langley
25. Christopher Loftus
26. Daniel Loftus
27. Barbara Loftus (parent)
28. Anthony Mcdevitt
29. Glenn Nick
30. Nicholas O’Hara
31. Lynnda O’Hara (parent)
32. Daniel Oppedisano
33. Sam Payton
34. John Bradley Ross
35. Kenneth Sauer, III
36. Steve Schoeffel
37. Robert Schroeder
38. Devon Sherwood
39. Daniel Theodoridis
40. Bret Thompson
41. Christopher Tkac
42. Tracy Tkac (parent)
43. John Walsh, Jr.
44. Michael Ward
45. Robert H. Wellington, IV
46. William Wolcott
47. Michael Young

Until today, I had no idea who you people were. Trust me, your reputations are being polished to such a brightness by this action. Can’t wait to hear how much you want to ‘feel better’. Hope you got over your shame of the evening with the exotic dancers and the underage drinking – oh, wait – isn’t that a criminal act? Hmmm…



dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”