“don’t be silly”

“don’t be silly”

December 7th, 2007

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oblivian – the elder scrolls 4!!!!

“that’s a bit excessive, don’t you think?” … ah, the joys of listening to Boo play her games.

So, I spent too much time this morning working on knowing more about Digital Asset Management – or DAM. That would be a program that allows you to easily view/use your photos, videos, etc. on your computer/network.

Why would I spend time educating myself, a seasoned veteran of 10,000 digicam wars? Well, cause … I can’t find a picture I know I took. Lame – I know. Shouldn’t I be heading into the bright and wonderful future, with nary a care about what’s gone on before this exact moment??

Well, I’m trying to be a grateful friend for someone(s) who has suffered recently – yes, very cryptic. Did you know I worked on computers in the Air Force?? Ask me about that sometime… needless to say, if I could easily locate a few more pics, perhaps my intention of bring a smile to their faces would be more perfectly accomplished.

On a totally different theme, I sauntered to my back porch door to allow Blue to roam and piddle, but I heard this odd noise – kinda like electrical crackle when you’re under the high-tension lines in Marcy or Montgomery Village – sizzle and crackle. How very odd, and do I want to open my door, what with the house’s connection coming in from the utility pole right above the door? I lean and stretch to see outside from a porch window – and lo and behold – a merry water fountain has been created from our garden house and spray attachment. I guess if the forecast is for 20-something degrees Fahrenheit, er … turn off the outside water connection?? My big fear is that it was doing that for a while … ;-( — bad homeowner scott!!!

Spent some time yesterday planning my holiday escape. So many options, but apparently spending close to $7,000 for a 3 week December to Remember is out. Kinda makes me sad, but I always do have the big crazy ideas, eh?

We’d start in Durham, rolling 32′ of Fabulousness to Loggieland, then heading South to the South, for a happy event in the Jackson, MS area. Perhaps a cookie or 12 dozen!! then to the Frozen North – all at 7 miles to the gallon!!! Boo said that she feels bad to have to say ‘no’ to my outlandish ideas – I guess I gain power and optimism from coming up with a real world solution to the issue – PopsLoggie is not able to fly, and won’t be able to roll in an auto for the hours it would take to get to KarryCat’s graduation. Guess it’s just gonna have to be flowers and Amazon gift certs – unless we have the perfect gift for a newly minted nurse in someone’s head – I’m sure she’s happy about the whole thing, as we all are. Just kind wish my international system of catapults and human hamster balls had had time to perfect itself… “just get in Tom, and stand for a while, and hope against hope that the ball hits the giant netting near the school…” – ah, the first few successful flights would be AWESOME!!!

Hey – have I shared with you the theme for 2008 – “2008 is gonna be Awesome! It’s gonna have robots!!” – feel free to pass this one around – I think it’s gonna stick!

Well, this post certainly isn’t the grandest, but it’s something.


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”