Hello October…

Hello October…

October 1st, 2007

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2007. Tenth month. getting there, I guess.

Ran the show solo today – can’t say I’m happy with it, but no fatalities, I got to play Bauphluff & Havana 3 A.M., and there ya go. With practice comes confidence. Maybe Mel and I need to figure out how to pre-record a show or 7, and thus become more confident with all of it. I’m on the radio, though, and that’s a cool thing.

Was a pretty crazy month, that month of September. Started off at the beach, got Nerd Fury up and running, saw MickeyMatt, Carrie & Nate, finished up with a nice party for Kim G, our Mac Girl on the Street.

reached out to a few friends – Alex is still up at Berkley, doing ok. Dropped a note to Deb at automedia – need to follow up with that. Haven’t spoke with my dad though; you’d think I’d fix that issue what with the way the summer started, eh? Mom’s got me a bit concerned, Shari’s sounding better/ok, and Blood’s gonna be happy to turn her heat on now that it’s October.

I think back on the things that have happened to my life in the merry month of October and I know, if nothing else, this month is gonna be crazy – but I feel somewhat prepared. Or at least anticipatory for the forthcoming chaos. We’ll have to check back in a few weeks, eh? Or, perhaps with the genteel prodding of Blood, I’ll ticky tack my way into writing.. once again.

got our nerd fury biz cards – call me the director of communications – I think it’s cause I talk a lot. 😉

Focus. Confidence. Action. Appreciation. Gratitude. Joy. Calm. Fear. Confusion. Doubt. Anger. – answers to ‘How ya doing?’

or perhaps what’s missing…
Have I said how much I love our Canela lately? A whole bunch…

And there’s definitely a fondness for Olive-tacular. The Rocket is feeling all sorts of happy – and expresses by way of paw-checking your abdomen. Weeeeeeeee!!!

The studio/office is looking good – felt nice to have the doors open and the fall pour in, smelling fresh and relaxed, with just a tinge of change in the air.

Took the bicycle out the other day – fun, except where the rear brake rubs against the wheel – made the ride back from the girls a bit grueling. Must get that taken care of.

Into the fall, into the looming darkness for a hibernation thru the winter that will have us anxious for the warmth of spring, with the blooming of the flowers and the chirping of the birds. I look about the house and realize that the whole open windows thing might have a shelf life of … three months? here in the Triad (or is it the Piedmont? I really should sit in on a 4th grade “this is your state” class, eh?) – the summer was warm. the winter will be chilly, and Boo like a cozy warmth, even if that means a comforter on an air conditioned summer night – yet she’s not a fan of the warm slippers and pj’s – hmmmm….

I ran into the odd issue that I had more tracks on my laptop that I wanted to play on the show this morning – such at the Mountain Goat’s “Best Death Metal Band in Denton” – but I didn’t know if they were radio friendly!! Now I’m spinning the tracks and trying to make a folder so that the next time I’m in the studio I’ll have a bit more of a selection of playable tracks – though I’m not sure if a song with the chorus “hail satan / hail satan tonight” is necessarily playable here in the South. Ok – no curse words, just that minor issue with moral sensibilities! Weeeeee

Went to see “Shoot ’em Up” the other Thursday (part of a recurring “Thursday Night Cinema” series – start one for yourself!) – um, yeah, the trailer pretty much gave it away. Sorry Mel, felt just like that time with the X-Files … we’ll stick to flicks we both want to see, ok? Or maybe just one’s you choose.

Looking over the calendar entries for September – here’s a shout out to Cozy Bear – did I mention how Old Republic sent me a note asking me to pay the $55 I already paid to Cozy Bear? Want to check my blood pressure? How about the Papa John’s dude who forgot half our pizza order, then brought the wrong pizza tonight? Hittin’ a million, sometimes… at least I have a screw driver from the Cozy Bear II: Repaired with a Vengeance episode… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And for no good reason, I see that the word for the day for Monday, 27 August 2007 was “Adversity”. Thank you Yahoo!

And how are you? I see some friends are having adventures to Seattle (Hello Troll!), others are having adventures with sleeping, and even others are having adventures in flat-pack land… it’s good to be adventurous.

From too long ago, I missed my mother-in-law’s birthday – belated happy day, Linda; and congrats on 40 years, Leslie and John!

Balls of Fury was better than Shoot ’em Up, and hey – I love the Walken! Really have to start seeing movies that are ‘good’, not just ‘out’, eh?

Had an awkward moment on Saturday morning, when Mel had to talk to Zach about the Pride parade, and how the definition of ‘protester’ was partially described thusly – as someone who’s angry. So instead of being part of the parade, as Zach had been the past three years, he ended up just a spectator. Because of protesters. Hmmm… how do you reach a balance in that one? Is there a balance? Can you have a postivie parade in public without allowing protesters? I’m torn here because Zach deserves to have a parade he can participate in and celebrate his life; I’m also in support of allowing protesters in public, cause in a different life I show up to the anti-war marches in DC. I guess there needs to be an understanding that there’s nothing to fear from people having pride. I’m of the mind to hang out at the protesters weekly gatherings and protest them.

Stay tuned, don’t stay up too late, sleep well – things said in the evening.


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

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