Another thursday is upon us…

Another thursday is upon us…

September 6th, 2007

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sweet sound of the air con working!

wow – time certainly is flying!!!
As boo wrote – the Beach!!! wowsers – soooo cool to hang at the beach in a house for a few days. Way cool that MickeyMatt made it, as well as Carrie and Nate and Brendan!
Pics are over at my flickr account –

going backwords… work continues in the Fury of Nerds, the radio show is skipping.. but I’ll hit the record player soon and get into the groove… Balls of Fury was fun – laughed a lot… probably won’t get an oscar, but not every film can (Simpson’s Movie should sweep the academy awards this year anyways…), the run to and from the beach was good thanks to the girls Element, XM”s Fred channel rocked the whole weekend with 2044 ‘essential’ songs from the 80’s and 90’s – sooo much good music. Missed catching up with Wendy, but I”ll go for that reason only one of these weekends and it’ll be very good. Beach rocked – swam in the ocean, sat on Matt’s kayak for a moment, flew awesome awesome kites that Mel got, cool lighthouse at night (beams were like fingers of gods), got to know new friends better, old friends even more so, took pictures, shared pictures that people said they liked, spent time with Boo and she smiled, relaxed ever so gently, I love the ocean, our dogs love Kym!, hey – Malcolm’s in town, saw her in The Pig, air con got fixed before we left for the beach, rocking chairs on a deck at a beach house rock!, going to the beach near noon isn’t the best idea, sparsely populated beaches totally rock versus Cali’s over crowded destinations, we got our first check for Nerd Fury – scary goodness!, Salon 307 is cool – Joe and Ruth totally rocked (i need a new adjective!), the Water Callers totally blew my mind with their talent and sound, …. so much more.

The puppies missed us, and we’re slowly working our way back into their good graces (Blue’s all about the ‘I’m touching with me.i’m touching you.hey you. play with me’ for the past day…)

Gots to run – gonna interview at UNC’s on campus temp agency tomorrow (today?) at 8 – gots to be sharp!!!



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“Keep Calm and Carry On”